Catherine May Burke

I am a recently qualified computing teacher, teaching away during the academic year! And in the summer months, I jet away to South Dakota to be a camp director!

I have an undergraduate degree in Computing & IT which I achieved at Queen’s University. – I enjoy tech type things!

I love working in FME making resources – especially if it involved creative tasks.

I feel like working with many different young people I have been able to identify those who may need an extra hand with things to help them out. I want to be able to do that beyond the classroom – and FME lets me do just that.

I want to help create amazing campaigns and projects alongside the amazing team to be able to help young people within their lives.

I believe that young people need to have a beacon of hope within their lives, and for some people the only light they can see is FME.

I want to help them where I can, especially for those who need it most.

I like to go for walks – especially along the beach! And also, really enjoy being creative – Painting, video editing, crocheting… you name it!

I am hopeful for the future of young people – as I feel their voices are starting to be heard within our society.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have had within my life – I have been able to do some amazing things and I believe they have shaped me as who I am today.