Suicide Prevention & Emotional Health Training


Am I suitable?

I am keen to learn about suicide prevention and the steps that I can take to help keep someone safe.

I’d like to be able support my colleagues in my workplace if ever needed.

  • I help people in a professional or volunteer role and/or;
  • I am a caring family member, neighbour, or friend and/or;
  • I am based in a community, sports, church, youth, person-centered, statutory environment and/or;
  • I work in the third sector offering support services and/or;
  • I work in the private sector in a HR, supervisory, helping or supportive role.
I am aged 16 years or over
I am emotionally ready

  • I understand that Suicide Prevention Awareness training is potentially triggering
  • I am confident in my ability to cope with the content of the training
  • I will take steps to keep myself emotionally safe during training
  • I understand that best practice advises that people who have been bereaved by suicide or by any other traumatic death within the last 6 months, should not attend
  • I have read and understand the Participant Group Agreement on my registration form
  • If I need support, I know that I can reach out for help to Lifeline: 0808 808 8000