Suicide Prevention & Emotional Health Training

Connections Link Life

Connections Facilitator Pathway

1. Check you meet the eligibility criteria

  • Excellent group facilitation skills (small – up to 12 people and large – up to 40 people)
  • Training or qualifications in the field of: Mental Health, Youth Work, Counselling, etc

  • Has completed ASIST or equivalent
  • Able to deliver the annual requirements
  • Committed to implementing the ‘personal facilitator action plan’ set out at the T4T by the Senior Facilitato r

  • Willing and able to attend a minimum of 2 mentoring sessions annually once Approved

2. Your organisation

Your organisation will secure your place as a provisional facilitator on a training for trainer event and forward your contact details to Fresh Minds Education

3. Register

Provisional facilitators will register on Eventbrite – you will receive the link from Fresh Minds Education by email

4. Welcome Letter

Provisional facilitators will receive a welcome letter from their T4T Fresh Minds Education facilitators

5. Attend Connections

  • Attend the 2 day Connections Link Life training for trainers
  • Meet the Connections leadership team
  • Experience the Connections Link Life programme

  • Practice facilitation

  • Individual action plan discussed with senior facilitators
  • Complete exit evaluation

6. Post Training

  • You will receive a congratulations letter with a link to the downloadable Provisional Facilitator Certificate
  • Receive Connections Link Life package in the post

7. Prepare to Teach

  • Plan your workshop

  • Plan your group

  • Purchase your downloadable resources (or order hard copies of the resources)

8. Deliver your first three workshops

  • Deliver your first 2 workshops, submit your facilitator reports and participant evaluations as per the standards
  • Deliver and record your third Connections Link Life workshop and submit the recording, along with your learning log for approval to
  • Attend a minimum of 3 Connections Link Life Mentoring Sessions in the Provisional Trainer Period

9.Outcome & Approval

  • Your recording and learning log will be reviewed by a senior facilitator and at this stage you will either be:

    a) Given feedback and asked to submit an additional recording

    b) Approved and issued with the Approved Connections Link Life Certificate

10. Celebrate

Celebrate your achievement and join a community of Connections Link Life Facilitators across Northern Ireland.

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives”
Brene Brown

Ongoing annual requirements

  • Your licence is with your organisation and is renewable at the end of your two-year period – terms of renewal are discussed with your managing agency/organisation

  • You are required to deliver this programme three times a year (online or face to face)

  • If you are delivering this online, you must deliver three times per year (and have facilitated in the screen role at least twice)

  • You are required to implement the action outlined by your Senior Facilitator as part of the T4T Outcome Letter

  • You are required to attend a minimum of 2 mentoring sessions annually once you have become an Approved Connections Link Life Facilitator
  • All provisional and approved facilitators must continue to comply with the requirements of the programme (registration, model fidelity & standards, evaluation and reporting)