Suicide Prevention & Emotional Health Training


How to Participate – Group Agreement

Welcome to the Connections Link Life: Suicide Prevention Awareness Training Course.    We hope that you enjoy taking part in this training course which has been planned for you.

To help keep you and everyone else taking part safe here is the ‘Group Agreement’ for you to be aware of and follow.


  • You must ensure that you are inside, comfortable and not in a room with other people present who are not taking part the training. Its ok to be in the room with others who are taking part in the training.
  • You must attend through video with the webcam turned on at all times. We can’t present to you if we can’t see you.  We will keep our camera on so that you can see us too.
  • Make sure that your audio is working, turn your volume up to ensure that you can hear us and each other.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the stories shared. You are not permitted to take recordings in any format during the training.  If we are concerned about the safety of someone we will respond.
  • Fresh Minds Education facilitator will take a photograph at the end of you course. If you have any concerns about that let the facilitator know through the chat facility so that we can accommodate your needs. We will never share your name or personal details.

Keeping everyone Safe

  • If you do not turn up for the scheduled training, we will call you to confirm your safety and wellbeing.
  • Should your leave the screen for a comfort break, you must let the facilitator that you are okay before you leave. You can do that by simply speaking or sending a message in the chat facility.
  • If you leave the screen without communicating that you are okay, we will contact you and if you cannot be reached your emergency contact will be called.

Taking Part

  • We ask that you actively take part where you can. The facilitator will direct you to mute, unmute, raise a hand or join a breakout room etc.
  • You will be required complete an evaluation and monitoring form at the session.