Name: Ella Jo McCloskey

  • I am 20 and have been working for Fresh Minds Education since I was very young helping behind the scenes and from December I have been helping and I am really enjoying it.  
  • I have currently been given the administrator role at Fresh Minds and I am learning so much and loving the work.  
  • I am passionate about many things from organisation to travelling. It would be hard to pinpoint my true passions but I love just making memories and learning new skills along the way.  

I am passionate and motivated about Fresh Minds Educations work with bereaved young people as I have experienced my fair share of loss and I feel it is so important that young people are getting the support they so need after navigating something like loss.

My motivation for Fresh Minds is that if the operations of the charity are covered the charity will be able to flourish and grow and help more young people navigate their challenges.

For self- care I love going on interesting walks, exercising, planning and taking time to myself to wind down and have a shower and do some skincare.

I am grateful for my family, friends and the wonderful circle of support I have always had around me throughout my life.