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This training equips educators with everything they need to become a fully endorsed Fresh Little Minds Facilitator. Designed to be hands on and fun, you learn the underpinning science behind the AMBER approach for resilience and emotional wellbeing and how to deliver the acclaimed Fresh Little Minds GROW programme directly with children or groups of parents. You will also have met the pre-requisite to train to deliver many of our other evidenced based programmes. We are seeking applications from;

  • Staff Teams (We can facilitate on dates that work for you at your venue or online)
  • Individuals (Join scheduled training dates mix between face to face and online)
  • Web Based (This training will be 100% web based by May 2021)

We will ensure that you have all of the training that you need to feel confident to plan and facilitate a fun and enjoyable emotional health and resilience curriculum for:

  • children aged 4yrs Nursery/Pre-school
  • Children aged 4 yrs – 7yrs Primary Key Stage 1
  • Children aged 8yrs – 11yrs Primary Key Stage 2
  • Children aged 11 – 12yrs Post Primary Yr 8
  • Amber Meets the Parents – An introductory workshop for parents
  • The GROW programme with parents directly (Particularly successful for Parents of Young Toddlers eg through Sure Start and parents with children in primary school)

Licenced facilitators will be supplied with a vast range of required training materials and many unique training products produced especially for this curriculum, have access to ongoing professional development opportunities and will be invited to join of a vibrant trainer network of like minded educators. Like all play based practices you will be required to accumulate an additional range of props to bring your workshops to life with children in the room and be committed to ongoing professional development in play based modalities.

  • Staff teams apply by contacting us directly: HERE
  • Individuals apply by completing our online application. (We are currently recruiting for our course due to run in early 2021 dates TBC)


Fresh Minds Education seeks friendly, fun, kind and warm-spirited organisations and facilitators to join us in our pursuit to raise kind, brave, strong, emotionally resilient and loving children and fostering a peaceful society.


This course is best suited for educators already working with or seeking to work with children and parents to deliver evidence based and field-tested trauma informed resilience and emotional health programmes.

It is particularly suitable for; teachers, educators, counsellors, play therapists, play workers, youth workers, community artists and anyone working within health, education or children & family services within the statutory, community & voluntary or private sectors.

You will need to possess:

  • Skills, training, experience and knowledge of working with children and or parents
  • Facilitation skills, and the confidence to play with children and adults
  • Passion for making a difference to the lives of children and parents
  • Commitment to professional development and your self-care practice
  • A vision for Fresh Little Minds within your group, school or geographical area


  • Trauma Informed Training: On Becoming Human – neuroscience, physiology, biology, ecology, & psychology
  • Theory and background education to the AMBER approach
  • How to connect and attune with the diverse needs of individuals in a group setting.
  • How to nurture, self-acceptance, safety and belonging.
  • Practical application of the AMBER approach with children:
    • Tools and techniques for teaching self soothing and self regulation, self expression.
    • Exploring multiple modalities: Puppetry, breathwork, laughter work, singing work, movement, mindfulness, mediation, relaxation, essential oils, creativity and art.
    • Managing ‘self’ in a group setting
  • Evaluating the creative process, learning and measuring impact
  • Planning GROW programmes for children
  • Planning GROW programmes for parents
  • Working with schools, teachers and involving parents


By the end of this course learners will have:

  • Knowledge of trauma informed theory and approaches and how these impact learning environments and the role of an educator
  • Confidence in delivering Fresh Little Minds GROW programme and workshops
  • Practical Experience of planning and facilitating GROW activities
  • Tools for engaging children and parents and for delivering Fresh Little Minds GROW programme and workshops
  • Materials for delivering Fresh Little Minds GROW programme and workshops
  • Connectivity to a growing network of like-minded facilitators


There is no formal assessment during the four-day training. However, on completion of the four-day training Candidates wishing to deliver Fresh Little Minds GROW programmes and workshops are required to complete the training pathway to progress toward the full endorsement and recognition of becoming a Fresh Little Minds Programmes Licensee.

  • Online

  • Hosted on our web platform

  • Candidates will receive a Downloadable Certificate of Attendance

  • Those wishing to progress to ‘Licenced Facilitator of Fresh Little Minds Programmes ’will receive a Fresh Little Minds Facilitators Licence Agreement and can complete the final stages on the pathway of a Licenced Facilitator.

  • £1000

Our Next Scheduled course is early 2021 – dates tbc – applications currently being accepted.

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We are also available to come and train your team so that you have in-house facilitators to GROW your Fresh Little Minds when it suits you.

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