• Bamber (Baby Amber)


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    Amber has had puppies!


    We are delighted to announce that during lockdown our much loved golden Labrador AMBER has had puppies!


    The puppies all need new homes and we are looking for kind and caring owners who will take fabulous care of Bamber and in return Bamber provides calming, cuddles and comfort and reminds children to use AMBER techniques if worried, sad, or scared!

    Bamber is one of our many not-for-profit positive products and has been thoughtfully brought to you during these extraordinary times to bring comfort, cuddles and all the joy of Fresh Little Minds to the children in your life this autumn.  Bamber will make a perfect stocking filler this Christmas,


    Bamber measures 10 x 9 x 23 cm and is an extremely soft plush teddy made from high quality materials with a cuddly, bean bag body.  Made from mainly recycled materials the fibre fill is made from 100% recycled plastics. The cloth labels are made from recycled materials. The tags are recyclable and all shipping materials are made from recycled materials. Let's all work together to sustain our wonderful planet.


    Bamber will come to you complete with its very own label with space for you to write your own special message, a Bamber printed ribbon collar and a 16 page, A6 passport.  No ordinary passport, Bamber's passport contains a 'Teddy Certificate' and a children will enjoy working their way through the passport pages  and in doing so, learn about the Amber approach, and the importance of Anchoring, Moving, Breathing, being able to Express themselves,  Relax. Click here to find out more about the meaning of AMBER.


    All of this comes with a free, organza pull string gift bag with a strong handmade Bamber puppy gift tag with a space created for you to write the child's name on the back of the tag.


    Bamber (Baby Amber) is available now to pre order and will be available from the 1st of November for all little puppy and Amber lovers near you!  


    If you wish to personalise this gift further, for £1.99 you can add a hand written, personalised notelet to your order Please enter your message below.


    Please note if you wish to personalise more than one Bamber - please click to add a personalised note then add to basket. This will take you to your shopping basket. Then click the link for Bamber in the shopping basket to take you back to the product again, you can add your second personalised note. Just make sure to 'add to basket' each time you add a note.

  • P.O.A - Please email enquiries@freshmindseducation.com for a quote for your school.

    Click here to find out more about the Paws-4-Thought Programme “Doodling… Learning in Disguise” Resilience & Wellbeing Programme for Classes & Groups An Ideal, ready-to-go, off-the-shelf programme for a teachers or leaders looking for simple creative and innovated ways to engage young people in regular mindfulness, self-reflection and creative self-expression. The physical journal for teens and pre-recorded content and instructional videos make this a perfect hands-on and interactive package for teachers looking to incorporate regular wellbeing into the classroom. The growth mindset quotes have been purposefully written to: 
    • Cultivate curiosity
    • Encourage self-expression
    • Evoke emotional release &
    • Reframe negative thinking
    The purpose of the doodle journal This journal enables teachers to build regular mindful moments into the school day.  The activities help teachers connect with their young people, support young people to connect with one another and connect with themselves.  Regular, incremental mindful practice through paws-4-thought will help reduce the impacts of stress and increase creativity and focus. Why journal or doodle with teens? Journaling and Doodling is something that we can all benefit from and we all should do it regularly because it is very beneficial.  The regular act of journaling through doodling or writing;
    • Achieves the benefits of mindfulness
    • Regulates the nervous system
    • Reduces stress hormones in your body promoting calmness and relaxation which in turn can relieve pain, overwhelm, anxiousness and worry
    • Opens up the subconscious mind and aids the release of emotion held in memory
    • Loosen up hand muscles
    • Increase focus, attention span & concentration
    • Frees up short and long-term memory so memory will improve
    • Aids the retention of ideas and concepts
    • Increases creativity & self-expression
    What the Paws 4 Thought Package includes:
    • 30 x Paws-4-Thought Journals for your class or group
    • 30 x Paws-4-Thought Pens for your class or group
    • Access to the Paws-4-Thought Leaders Website with Paws-4-Thought Curriculum
    What’s on the Paws-4-Thought Leaders Website?
    • Instructions and guidelines for implementing a 30-day Paws-4-Thought programme in the classroom
    • Introductory videos by Fresh Minds Artists and Teachers inspiring young people to engage with the methods and the resource
    • x30 innovative Paws-4-Thought mindful doodle & journal challenges presented as audio, video, illustration or written instruction.
    • Facilitative instruction for teachers
    • A number of downloadable printable templates enabling teachers to get going quickly
  • The Fresh Minds Mood Boosting Box is a hand-crafted supercharged set of activities, that will help you have fun & be creative, boost your mood, show off all of your best bits! With these activities you’ll be colouring powerful images, creating your own Paw Print Card set, relaxing with lovely aromas, breathing deeply and showing gratitude for the things and people in your life! These can be completed on your own or with a little help from parents and carers. Inside your colouring book, AMBER the Puppy has included a SPECIAL QR Code  which will take you to a private page on our website.  There you can watch a video of  Strong Like A Mountain and sing, move and breathe along to boost your mood!
    • Welcome Letter
    • Felt tip Markers
    • Power Up Colouring Book & coloured Pencils set
    • Crafted writing paper booklet
    • Rainbow Journal
    • Positive Paw Print Card Set
    • Positive Puppy Stickers
    • My Colourful Rainbow Life Activity
    • Gratitude Pouch Activity + Essential Oil
    • Plush Emoji Carry Case
    • Pillow Spray 30ml
    • Blow Basket
    • Love Hearts
    • Strong Like A Mountain Video + extra content (QR Code in Colouring Book)
    Cost includes postage to UK Address. Please confirm who you'd like the box to addressed to!
  • #Connections Box for Teenagers


    In stock

    *LIMITED EDITION* Fresh Minds Education bring you a Take5 mental health, self care and mindfulness teen package in a perfectly formed box!

    This gift has been prepared with teens aged 14+years in mind to delight and uplift at a very strange time in our history! Multiple activities and beautifully crafted items are accompanied by QR Codes, which take your teen to a series of webpages where they will meet their teen peers, artists and leaders who have created content, activities, challenges and shared stories.

    #Connections is the starting place for thriving and wellbeing. In this box your teenagers will find lots of opportunities connect with themselves and others, learn how to Take5 and boost their mental health.  Your teens will also be connected with support agencies if the ever need a helping hand to stay well.

    This box was put together with people and the planet in mind… we have sourced as much as we can locally, minimising air miles, increasing local employment and where we have used plastic, it is completely biodegradable! Yes, it cost a little more, but we know that what’s happening to our planet and across the world directly impacts teens mental health, our ecosystem is interconnected with all of us!  Your teenagers mental health was worth the extra effort and costs involved to create something that wont harm them, their future or the earth they occupy!

    Box Content

    #ConnectWithPeers Peer Letter
    #ConnectWithMemories Ice-Cream Sundae
    #ConnectWithStrengths Character Strength & Positive Affirmation Card Set
    #ConnectWithCreativity #Paws4Thought Doodle book
    #ConnectWithPostivity Positive Wall Post
    #ConnectWithLearning Your Learning Vouchers:(Baking, Digital Photography, Yoga & Animation Lessons)
    #ConnectWithSupport Positive Minds Magazine
    #ConnectWithMinfulness #ZenPack
    #ConnectWithComfort Hot Chocolate Stirrer
    #ConnectWithRelax Shower Pod
    #ConnectBeyond-The-Box Multiple private website pages to engage and support your teen

    Click here for a full description of what's in the box!

    Group Purchase

    If you are an organisation acquiring these boxes for your groups of teens we appreciate your support to purchase the boxes our Supporters price of £35 (excluding delivery) or £40 (inc. delivery).  The Supporters price covers the costs of the product and enables Fresh Minds Education to continue to be able to offer discretionary discounts, free services and support to many children, families and schools in our communities.  All hours involved to create and process this product were donated voluntarily by friends, family, supporters and staff of Fresh Minds Education.  This is a limited edition product offered only while stocks last. Should your funding for bulk purchases need to be discounted contact us to work through your needs. Please contact us by email to orders@freshmindseducation.com for your quote and to make your order.

    Family and individual purchases.

    We have three options below; A price for Supporters of Fresh Minds Education in its mission, a Discounted price and a Family Discount  for 3 boxes for those with several teenagers in their life.   This is a limited edition product and will be sold only while stocks last. The Supporters price  enables FME to offer discretionary discounts, free services and support to many children, families and schools in our communities. *Family Discount Applied At Checkout*
    1 Teen Box FME Supporters 1 Teen Box Discounted Box  3 Teen Boxes Family Discount Shipping
    Discount % 0%  12.5% 15% -
    Price Per Box £40  £35.00 £29.75 Inc P&P
    Cost includes postage to UK Address.    
  • A focal point for any room at home or in the classroom. These ‘positive words’ in box frames make a lovely gift. 20cm x 20cm. 
  • If you are looking for a great way for families to connect and spend some time together on mindful activities – the Strong Like A Mountain Resource for Mindful Kids is ideal! What’s in The Strong Like A Mountain Resource for Mindful Kids FAMILY PACK
    • 3x (21cm x 21cm) Nature themed colouring book themed on the Fresh Minds Song ‘Strong Like A Mountain’
    • Strong Like A Mountain Positive Affirmations throughout
    • Link to Private Website Page with teaching video of Strong Like A Mountain and other downloadable resources related to the themes of mindfulness – we are currently uploading some Take 5 themed activities
  • If you are looking for a great way for families to connect and spend some time together on mindful activities – the Strong Like A Mountain Resource for Mindful Kids is ideal! What’s in The Strong Like A Mountain Resource for Mindful Kids FAMILY PACK
    • 3x (21cm x 21cm) Nature themed colouring book themed on the Fresh Minds Song ‘Strong Like A Mountain’
    • 3 x mini set of colouring pencils
    • Strong Like A Mountain Positive Affirmations throughout
    • Link to Private Website Page with teaching video of Strong Like A Mountain and other downloadable resources related to the themes of mindfulness – we are currently uploading some Take 5 themed activities
  • Packaged for you in larger quantities, ideal for Schools, youth clubs, church groups and distributing through family networks!  These are unbeatable value. Sold in Boxes of 100 - DISCOUNT APPLIED IN SHOP CART
    1 Box 2-5 Box 6-10 Boxes 11-30 Boxes Postage & Packing
    Box of 100 £250 £230 £205 £180 +P&P
    Per Book £2.05 £2.30 £2.05 £1.80 +P&P
  • Emoji Card Set


    24 in stock

    A box set of 56 Emoji cards containing a variety of “Tricky Feelings” and “Feel Good Feelings” these cards are visual aids for educators supporting children to recognise, name and express their emotions.  Cultivating emotional literacy and communication. 
  • This Kids Collection is the complete and ready-made, roll-on “whole body” essential oil toolbox designed to empower caregivers to confidently care for the health and wellness of little ones. CONTAINS: 
    • Seven unique 10mL roll-ons
      • Thinker™: Focus, creativity and learning 
      • Calmer™: Reduce stress, rest and peaceful bedtimes 
      • Stronger™: Protective blend & daily resilience 
      • Tamer™: Digestive Blend, tummies and worries 
      • Rescuer™: Soothing an active and growing body 
      • Steady™: Grounding when overwhelmed 
      • Brave™: Emotional boost and courage and empower 
    • Seven silicone toppers with carabiners 
    • Instructional flashcards 
    • Carrying case with carabiner 
  • This is the ideal magazine for teenagers. Packed with guidance around seeking help for their own emotional distress or mental health and helping the mental health of their friends and family. Practical too... this little magazine is full of tips, fortifying messages, helplines and exercises including AMBERS First Aid for Mental Health. An ideal choice for any school, club or community working with teenagers and is perfect for public health campaigns.  £4.50 for single copy or £3 for orders of 100+ copies. Bulk order reductions for orders of 300+.  
  • Amber Large Canvas Sack


    5 in stock

    This sack measures 1meter x 60 cm wide and provides the perfect solution for storage of props and resources. Perfect for hanging on a peg, or sitting in on the floor all whilst reinforcing the AMBER acronym. 
  • AMBER Drawstring Bag


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    A useful drawstring bag for carrying your Fresh Little Minds Resources, or a lovely gift for a child. This bag is the perfect home for your Amber Breathe Buddy and other Fresh Minds goodies. A practical bag, perfect for lunches or sports gear and strong enough for books. 
  • A bright, Fresh Little Minds Are Awesome T-Shirt for your very own Fresh Little Minds. This hard wearing, easy to wash, quick drying round neck t-shirt is made from a breatheable sports material and brilliant for every day wear by children. The colours don't fade meaning that they will rock up looking FRESH and fabulous. A variety of colours and sizes are available to order.
  • You are Awesome Bookmark


    1000 in stock

    Bundle of 250  Children love reminders that THEY ARE AWESOME!  Why not reinforce the message through this bookmark for your little readers?  Perfect for a weekly award in your classroom, a goody bag, a prize for a project or gift for little readers.
  • Self Care Permission Bookmark


    1000 in stock

    Bundle of 250  A beautiful gift for any teacher, parent, or anyone who needs to be reminded about the importance of self care and the need to allow yourself to take this step.
  • Learning Resources Soft Foam Cross-Section Brain Model. This best selling Brain Model from Learning Resources helps children gain a deeper insight to the workings of the human brain. The foam model splits into two; one half features labels and the other features letters for self-checking and assessment opportunities. This soft foam model is realistically detailed and measures 13cm. Includes Activity Guide. Suitable for ages 7+
    • Teaches children parts of the brain
    • Realistically detailed pieces
    • Half features labels, the other features letters for assessment
    • Measures 13cm
    • Includes Activity Guide
  • Amber Icons


    In stock

    Five colourful cards, each card showing one of the AMBER approach icons - Anchor, Move, Breathe, Express and Relax.  Wonderful discussion starters and reminders of the AMBER steps to wellbeing, positive mental health and resilience. 
  • Gift Pulse Point


    In stock

    Self-Care: A Balance 10ml roller ball for use on pulse points with instruction and self-care note presented in an organza gift bag. Balance blend supplied but any blend can be supplied upon request. *Product colour varies.
  • Gift Pillow Spray


    In stock

    Essential Oil Pillow Spray in Refillable Glass Bottle, with instructions for use and presented in an organza gift bag. Air Blend supplied but any blend can be supplied upon request. Product colour varies
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