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This series of beautifully illustrated books are based upon the AMBER approach © which has been developed to support childrens mental health and help build their resilience. 

Anchor  Move  Breathe  Express Relax

AMBER Helping parents & children find ways to help their minds & bodies feel better 

Book 1: Amber’s Anchor Adventures
Resilient kids celebrate anchor people

Book 2: Amber’s Mindful Moves
Kids get active mood changing movement 

Book 3: Breathe with Amber
Setting in motion the immune boosting cycles of calm for kids

Book 4: Express yourself with Amber
Help kids cope with tricky feelings and express their emotions

Book 5: Relax with Amber
Kids in control of their brainand body chemistry

Out of stock

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Our Fresh Little Minds TM puppy AMBER encourages children to understand
themselves, express themselves and develop new strategies that will help them survive and thrive throughout life.

The AMBER Approach© encourages children to understand themselves, express themselves and develop strategies that will support life skills development so to survive and thrive throughout life. 

Each story creatively introduces the five different AMBER themes, Anchor, Move, Breathe, Express and Relax;  These interactive and thought provoking books guide children to:

  • Connect with their internal and external world
  • Explore feelings, express emotions and develop emotional literacy
  • Practice self-regulation and self-soothing strategies 
  • Rest, relax and experience being in relationship with another – build resilience!

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