Arborvitae 5ml


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Arborvitae is majestic in size and abundant in unique benefits. Our arborvitae essential oil is sourced from the heartwood of the Thuja plicata tree. It is also known as Western Red Cedar and is native to North America (primarily Canada and the Northwestern United States). This unique source of arborvitae essential oil contains a distinct chemical profile and is uniquely concentrated in methyl thujate. The sourcing arrangements for this oil are done in an innovative, environmentallyresponsible way through distillation of residual wood materials to ensure no trees are unnecessarily harvested for production. Native to Canada, all parts of the Arborvitae tree were used extensively by Native Americans for health benefits and for building vessels, totem poles, baskets, and clothing.

2 in stock



Known as the ‘Tree of life’.

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