Free To Be Me -Gift Box For Kids-


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Free To Be Me Gift Set

Emotional health and resilience in our signature sunshine box!

At Fresh Minds Education we want children to be healthy, to be happy and to have positive relationships with others and within themselves.  Part of that involves supporting to feel free to be their unique and wonderful selves, to enjoy the journey of self-discovery and forming their own special identity and to enjoy living alongside others who are different to them.

We want children to fully accept themselves, love themselves and to see themselves as a complete person capable of small and great things! Children who are free to be themselves have a positive sense of self-image, sense of self-confidence and positive self-esteem. Children who are ‘Free to Be Me’ Thrive!

But we also know that growing up in our world that local culture, online life and the global screen giants reward conformity and so we recognise the importance of reminding children to be wholly and uniquely themselves.  Mental health outcomes are directly related to how children feel about themselves, so why not give a child the gift of mental health through investing in our ‘Free To Be Me’ workshop in a box!

The ‘Free To Be Me’ Sunshine Box will become a treasure trove where children can build up their very own collection of the little things and memories that reminds them of their strengths.  A little box of sunshine that will create inner rainbows on rainy days ahead.

What’s in the box:

  • Words that inspire children to be ‘free to be me’
  • Free To Be Me Journal, Pencil and MP4 Set with our signature Free To Be Me Song
  • Markers
  • A5 Art Print – Free To Be Me
  • Wrist Band
  • Mind Matters Badge Set
  • Brighter Days Note Book
  • Mood Matters Tear Pad
  • PAWS Activity Card Set
  • Ice-cream Sunday
  • Rainbow Glitter Ball
  • Free To Be Me Pamper Kit
  • Brighter Days hot chocolate
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