Hi there! And thanks for logging on to our Self-Care area, curated especially for you! Whatever the reason for your visit today, we welcome you warmly and hope that you find everything you need. Do get in touch directly if you have any problems.

Treena is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master.

She is also a Mum and Real Foods advocate.

She coaches clients around Food, Cooking, Daily Movement, Life Purpose, Relationships and Spirituality and will be guiding us through the act of Self-Care, embracing The AMBER Approach.

Below are a set of 6 zoom videos you can watch after the introduction. This is the webinar broken down for you in 6, easy to digest, bite-size versions. Working through them in order will flow best, but ultimately they can be viewed in any order that serves you.

Exploring the importance of relationships, and our ‘bigger picture’ areas of life as fundamental to our overall health. Also, becoming aware of the physical and cellular benefits of healthy relationships with others.

Looking at the direct impact that stress has on our physical body and immune system and how we can become more aware of this process and return our body to its natural healing response in one simple step.

Practical applications of using the breath and visualisation to fully relax and stay out of the harmful stress response. Relax and enjoy!

Understanding how healthy movement can increase health and reduce stress and increase longevity

A discussion regarding our complex immune system and how to strengthen it with food and lifestyle choices. Also a cookery demonstration illustrating how to increase colour and variety into your diet in a simple and nutritious way!

Looking at the importance of your sleep routine, why deep sleep is so important and how to increase your restorative sleeping hours. Understanding how all of these self-care practices are vital to your overall health and wellbeing.

Here are 3 audio files which contain the breathing exercises that we practised together during our session. The first two are simple breathing exercises that you can implement daily, wherever you are (but not when driving! 😂) and the final one is a copy of the yoga nidra session which is the ‘deep relaxation for the whole body’ session.

If you prefer a soft American voice to mine, you can find free yoga nidra and meditation recordings on Insight timer (which is free) or on Headspace (which is free for Teachers)

Here are two videos covering the Yoga poses that we practised together in our session. The first video contains all of the poses that you can do while seated.

The second video contains all of the standing poses. Have fun with it!

And finally, here are some quick links for you. The first is the recipe for the Kale salad. Have you tried it yet? Trust me, it’s really tasty and it will make you feel great!

The second link is for Nathan Anthony’s ‘Bored of Lunch’ account – featuring easy, healthy slow cooker and airfryer recipes.

Thank you for your feedback and for taking part. It has been our privilege to guide you.