Valerie Crozier- Nicholl

I am an Emotional Wellbeing Coach, helping people go from Stressed out to Chilled out. I use a number of modalities such as NLP, EFT, Meditation, and Hypnotherapy. 


I am a 50 something cancer survivor whose work took over her life! 

Sometimes we reach a point in our life where we realise that something must change, or something will give.  And that is exactly what happened to me. 

Shortly after recovering from cancer the first time, I realised that my work had become all consuming.  A job I once loved in the Community Sector overwhelmed me with so much stress that I no longer recognised the person I had become. 

In one very clear moment I realised that I had to make a change. 

Learning about resilience has been the foundation to help me create the life I want for myself.  With the support of my loving husband and family, I took control of my life.  Recognising that it is never too late to make the right choices to help me achieve my goals. 

I am passionate about helping people by teaching them easy to learn tools that when practiced can change their lives.

I became very unwell when I was about 23, when I was 47 and again when I was 49At 49 I decided I needed to get well and the only person that could do that for me, was meI sought help and suddenly understood that good mental health is relatively easy if you have the right tools and know how to apply them.

Kaleidoscope and Fresh Minds Education have a very similar mission and the more people doing this kind of work the more people we can reach and help.

Listen to my body re restMeditate, hypnotherapy, EFT tapping, breathing, enjoy my decaff coffee, go to the spa, walk in nature, garden, talk to friends and peers. 

More and more people learn that they can take care of their own health both physically and mentally. 

I am still here and able to do this work.