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Suicide Prevention Awareness

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How to Book

Connections Link Life: Suicide Prevention Awareness is supported by the Public Health Agency and is for adults (18+) living and working in Northern Ireland. You will find listed below the available dates for training.

If none of the dates or times suits you, please email to register your details for further Connections Link Life: Suicide Prevention Awareness programmes.

Please click on the link you want to register. Each link will take you to an Eventbrite booking form. Fill in the required information to secure your place. You will receive the Zoom link and login details as part of the registration process.

CONNECTIONS LINK LIFE: Suicide Prevention Awareness

This training course covers:

  • Contributing factors that lead to poor mental health, emotional distress & suicide prevention awareness
  • Understanding the role of mental health and emotions in relation to suicide prevention awareness
  • Connect 4-Way Model for helping persons experiencing emotional distress or suicide
  • Tools & resources for support in your community
  • The role of self-care and wellbeing in strengthening mental health and preventing suicide.

This online training course is for:

  • Adults aged 18 years +
  • Who live or work in Northern Ireland
  • It is important you click to read and understand Am I suitable?
Am I suitable?
How to participate group agreement

Participation & Readiness:

We ask that you are emotionally ready for suicide prevention awareness training and understand how to participate;

  • Suicide prevention awareness training is potentially triggering
  • Be confident in your ability to cope with the content of the training
  • Take steps to keep yourself emotionally safe during training
  • Best practice advises that people who have been bereaved by suicide or by any other traumatic death within the last 6 months, should not attend
  • It is important that you click to read and understand the *How To Participate group agreement*

I Need Support:

If you need support, please reach out for help

Help, Services and Information
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The training was fantastic and so easy to understand

Connections Participant
   This training helps you look at things in a different way
Connections Participant
   I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel that it will benefit me greatly in my personal and professional life.
Connections Participant