Specialists in Creative & Therapeutic Education

Socially Distanced – Emotionally Connected 

Bringing innovative,  evidenced based and trauma informed mental health & resilience interventions directly to; 

Parents, Teachers and Children.  

Suicide Prevention & Intervention Training

Suicide Prevention & Emotional Health Training

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As a parent, volunteer or professional we want to know how to help support people in our care who experience emotional distress.
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Fresh Little Minds

Children’s Resilience & Relaxation and Wellbeing Workshops

Children 5 - 12yrs

We specialise on delivering Fresh Little Minds over intensive periods e.g. summer schemes, themed weeks, weekends etc.

The Amber Classroom

Resilience & Mental Health for Teachers & Children

2hr Introduction or 1 Day Course

The AMBER Classrooms is our programme for teachers and classroom staff  to empower you in building resilient children. More Info >

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We have a huge variety of products and kits available to enhance and support you and your Fresh Little Minds.


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How we Help Improve your Emotional Health & Resilience

Emotional Health, Emotional Resilience & Emotional Wellness are so important in our lives today.  Fresh Minds Education are based in Northern Ireland and some of the areas which we specialise in include Suicide Prevention and  Mental Health & Self-Care training for young people.  To learn more about us and what we do, click here

Here at Fresh Minds Education, we work with youth workers, social workers, therapists, parents, teachers, community workers and many more groups to aid mental health & resilience of people of all ages and to ensure that our emotional health is optimised as much as possible.

Parenting Fresh Minds

Mission Parents! Helping Children to Blossom, Bloom & Thrive

Children 5-12 years

Parents are taught complex theory in simple language, emotional regulation techniques and are given useful tips tools and resources for taking home.  More info>


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Essential Oils


I enjoyed the full workshop and integrating with the group. Very informative and beautifully delivered with sincere compassion. Thank you


The ability to recognise anyone suffering from depression/suicide. There is always help available.

Facebook Review

Really enjoyed the course and the delivery made it very interactive and informal – made everyone feel very comfortable.

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