Mission Parents! Helping children blossom, bloom & thrive

In a supercharged, superfast digital world, children are struggling with anxiety, pressure, hormones, emotions, confidence and stressful situations, including; bullying, exams, divorce, bereavement, long term illness, hospital and doctor’s appointments and more.

Parents want the best for their children and so AMBER is on a mission to support them have the knowledge and tools that they need to support children navigate the storms of life, blossom, bloom and thrive.

AMBER can help

  • reduce worry, anxiety and overwhelm
  • move tricky emotions and energy
  • navigate temper tantrums and calm built up energy
  • improve concentration and focus
  • increase confidence, joy and feelings of happiness
  • decrease screen time and increase connection with people and the world around them

Parents are taught complex theory in simple language, emotional regulation techniques, and are given useful tips, tools and resources for taking home. Parents also benefit from learning about the wide range of resources we have created for Fresh Little Minds everywhere!