Mission Parents! Helping children blossom, bloom & thrive

Parenting Programmes are delivered in businesses, organisations, communities and online.

  • Lets raise kind, brave, strong, emotionally resilient & loving children.
  • Lets Support Parents in the workforce and at home
  • Lets nurture peace in our hearts, our homes and in this big beautiful earth we call home
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In a supercharged, superfast digital world, children are struggling with anxiety, pressure, hormones, emotions, confidence and stressful situations, including; bullying, exams, divorce, bereavement, long term illness, hospital and doctor’s appointments and more.

Now-a-days we are all navigating our way though the impact of Covid-19, some our kids and parents have been able to cope, others have really struggled and through the Amber Approach we are supporting an increase of parents dealing with an in crease in general anxiety, the impact of broken routines, poor sleep, reduced support, stress over children’s education, the impact of stress in the home and economic pressures. We are also supporting parents as they support their children return to some kind of new way of being and helping them to navigate separation anxiety, fear and how to be in the world around other people with masks, sanitizers, new classes at school, bereavement, loss, anger, frustration and transitioning.

Parents want the best for their children and AMBER can help. AMBER is on a mission to support parents have the knowledge and tools that they need to support children navigate the storms of life, blossom, bloom and thrive.

AMBER can help

Amber is a creative therapeutic trauma informed approach that improves connection, relationships, communication and supports self regulation. The AMBER approach can be applied to every day conversations, interactions and routines at home and at school. It provides clarity, reduces overwhelm and increases confidence.

  • AMBER offers reassurance, comfort and is full of joy
  • reduces worry, anxiety and overwhelm
  • moves tricky emotions and energy
  • navigates temper tantrums and calms built up energy
  • improves concentration and focus
  • increases confidence, joy and feelings of happiness
  • decreases screen time and increases connection with people and the world


  1. Parenting Fresh Little Minds – 6 session programme
  2. Amber Meets The Parents – Introductory Workshop
  3. Power Up Parents (Currently on hold)
  4. Collaborate & Commission


  • Clarity
  • Reduced Overwhelm
  • Increased Confidence

Parents are taught complex theory in simple language, emotional regulation techniques, and are given useful tips, tools and resources for taking home. Parents also benefit from learning about the wide range of resources which we have created for Fresh Little Minds everywhere!


  1. Parenting Fresh Little Minds – 6 session programme
  2. Amber Meets The Parents – Introductory Workshop
  3. Power Up Parents – (Currently on hold)
  4. Collaborate & Commission

“Being at home and working whilst supporting my child was distressing an overwhelming. Throughout this time we have been using the tools and and approach that we learned through the Amber Programme. It helped me help my child cope. I was able to support him through increased anxiety and melt downs. I was relieved to be able to support our child, at a time when he needed it most. I would recommend this to all parents”