Fresh Little Minds training programmes, products and merchandise are based upon The AMBER Approach and empowering others in the use of this evidence-based approach and tools developed by FME enables FME to share learning and cascade further impact ensuring that more children are benefiting from improving emotional health, resilience, and wellbeing.   Offering these programmes, products & resources plays an essential role in generating essential income required to deliver the charity’s direct support services for children & young people who experience bereavement, loss, or emotional distress.

Fresh Little Minds (FLM) Training 

Fresh Little Minds training empowers practitioners, therapists, teachers, social workers, youth workers, coaches, and volunteers who are trained in The AMBER Approach to deliver successful evidence-based emotional health curriculums with children under the ages of 12.  

Fresh Little Minds Programmes are practical, resourced, engaging, and proved to successfully improve positive emotional health impact for neurotypical children, children with SEN backgrounds and children universally in school or informal education settings.  

Ready-made resources as well as digital platforms are ready for educators to implement a trauma growth practice, which builds strength, hope & resilience, nurtures wellbeing & emotional health, cultivates compassion & empathy, and fosters healthy relationships. 

Curriculums are aligned with school curriculum and all strategic frameworks which focus on the health and wellbeing outcomes for children.

The training courses are:  

  • Let’s GROW Together Practitioner Training (LGT) 
  • Fresh Little Minds GROW Training for Educators (in development)
  • Fresh Little Minds SUNRISE Training for Educators  
  • Fresh Little Minds INSPIRE Training for Educators 
  • Fresh Little Minds RELAX Training for Educators