Jane Adams

My background is in Drama and Musical Theatre, I studied a master’s degree in Directing Theatre and have always loved connecting with people and being creative.

I am currenting working as a Project Lead for Youth Bereavement Support at FME and working towards more resources and support for young people who have been bereaved or experiencing emotional distress.  I am also a Senior Ambassador for Connections Link Life. I have currently been helping towards developing the programme and supporting with the project.

I am passionate about ideas, creating and supporting others along their path of life and helping to strive for a communitive care.

I am excited about what young people have to say, what they want to create and having the privilege to watch as they support their peers. Nobody should have to experience bereavement, loss or emotional distress alone and the Youth Bereavement support project created a heartspace to heal hearts and offer a helping hand.

Just like FME, I too believe no child or young person should have to experience grief or emotional distress alone. I am passionate about my community and creating a communitive care and sense of belonging.

Seeing ourselves as a helper to someone at risk can be scary, we might not like you’re qualified, this course helps you find your confidence to support someone to save their own life.

I love to spend quality time with my loved ones. Writing, Macrame, art, music, and petting Marley my rescue dog.

I am hopeful for growth, for change and for connection.

I am most grateful for my loved ones; I have an amazing safety network of family and friends. I am grateful to have them to turn to when I need support.