Joanne Welsh

I’m a wife and mum to twin daughters who is self-employed in the area of mental health.  I’m a psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples across a wide range of areas.  I’m passionate about enjoying all that life has to offer whether that be through the rewarding work I do or time spent with those I love and care for.

My motivation for the work in suicide prevention is the ever increasing need for people to connect with each other and feel able to recognise their feelings and reach out to others who are in difficulty.

Fresh Minds Education is such a wonderfully created charity with key messages and learning for all; just being part of it is a privilege.

Becoming a Link-Life Ambassador you will learn to reflect on your own mental wellbeing and how to reach out to connect in a way that could save someone’s life.

I go to CrossFit 6 days per week, early mornings to set me off to a good start to the day; I regularly de-stress in a hot tub, walk with my husband which is great connecting time and taking regular timeouts whether that’s in a hotel locally or further afield.

I am hopeful for change.

I’m grateful for my health and that of my family.