Kiri McLaughlin

Hey! I’m Kiri! 

I’m mid-30s with two little children and 2 very fluffy, very active doggos! 

I have a background in administration within the Health Service as well as a background in facilitation within the Mental Health field. 

I’ve been working in mental health in a part time capacity since 2014 delivering psycho-education and Suicide prevention programmes. 

I currently work as a counsellor – online and face-to-face from sunny by the sea Whiteabbey, I compliment this by working sessionally as a facilitator for lots of amazing charities (including Fresh Minds) across the province as well as developing and delivering my own psycho-education courses. 

I am passionate about many things (dogs & coffee included) but my biggest passion has been the mental wellbeing field – this has sprouted from my own lived experience of mental illness and trauma and blossomed into seeing the power of people growing through their healing journey.

Suicide prevention has felt almost a part of my life longer than many other things as I completed my safeTALK T4T in 2014. 

A huge part of my motivation is watching the lightbulb moments as people explore their capacity to help their colleagues, friends, family and community through this training.  

What supports my motivation is the belief that we are all capable of helping someone who is having thoughts of suicide. That people with thoughts of suicide are experiencing significant pain and that we, as human beings, can help connect them to the people and places that can soothe and soften that pain – so that they feel they have a life worth living.

The work that Fresh Minds Education is amazing – I have had the pleasure of working in different capacities for the charity and have seen the passion and drive – as well as the impact of their children and suicide prevention work. 

You may not believe it, but you have a light inside you that can help a person on their darkest journey find their way home.

Sea Swims, being in nature, meditation, time with my family.

I am hopeful for a world where kindness is thrown around like glitter.

I am grateful for so many things in my life – but to narrow it down to one thing that outweighs them all – I am grateful for my husband – without him so much of what I do & who I am would be impossible.