Mary Fitzpatrick

My background is in Theatre in Education and Applied Theatre. I studied a degree in Drama at Strawberry Hill University, London. I majored in Community Drama as I always had an interest and passion in using the arts as a tool to help heal and give a safe space and voice to express. Having been involved in a global project called INDRA (International Development for Reconciliation using the Arts) with my own youth theatre, FIRST ACT YOUTH THEATRE.

This naturally lead me down the path of a deeper healing journey and being able to use my skills and talents to help bring HOPE, and POSITIVITY to little humans that I can congruently identify with.

I am steeped in the drive to help children thrive, shine, explore and most importantly, love every bit of themselves!

My own childhood traumas are my motivations every day.

‘Every child needs a champion who will not give up on them’

The power of AMBER and being able to teach little and big humans about the approach. Every human needs a bit of AMBER every single day.

Surrounding myself with likeminded people who deliver this work is a blessing and I am blessed to be a part of Fresh Minds Education.

I love being involved in Gaelic football with my children. So that is my outlet and self-care. I get to spend time with special people (Anchor)

It is my time to run, jump, play, and coach (MOVE)

I must focus on my own abilities so that I don’t collapse lol (BREATH)

I get to chat and off load to other coaches and mammy’s which is always great craic! (EXPRESS)

And a nice bath afterwards (RELAX)

That the AMBER Approach will be adopted into every school in the world (I always dream BIG).

Life, my husband and my 3 children – Lily, Hope and Bobby.