What is the ‘Parenting Fresh Little Minds’ Intervention?

This programme aids parents to support the emotional health and resilience of their children based upon The AMBER Approach.
This programme is suitable for any parent or carer including those parents who may have a child experiencing emotional/ mental health difficulties or a child on waiting lists for referral for CAMHS & ASD services.
During this programme parents learn practical AMBER strategies and interventions as well as the underpinning scientific rational for The AMBER Approach.
Parents and carers are encouraged to incrementally implement what they learn in-between sessions and lay down new their own neural pathways that are conducive to creating a more connected, resilient, and nurturing home environment.

“This course has helped our family a lot. I was unsure if a course would help us as we are dealing with so much at home, but it really did.  The AMBER approach is broken down simply, it is easy to comprehend and is very practical for parents.  I was overwhelmed at the start, but my son responded really well to the little changes that I made.  I now understand him more and honestly, it has made a massive difference to him being able to talk about how he’s feeling.  I can help him now find his way through big overwhelming feelings and I too can handle them more as I know how to be with him in them.”

Fresh Little Minds Parent
This course is ideal for parents who already have achieved a level of self-awareness.  Those taking part will be willing to take the time to implement the changes in-between sessions and reflect on these either with their group or in their journal through the exercises.
Parents & carers who apply and practice what they learn throughout this programme will receive the most benefits. They will empower themselves and their children to manage emotion more healthily at home and they will no longer be solely reliant on schools and other services to meet the needs of their children which can often mean enduring the negative impacts of waiting lists.

Where does this intervention fit into mental health services?

Universal Tier 1 Programme

PARENTING Fresh Little Minds is a Universal Tier 1 programme for parents/carers and their child/children.

Who is it for?

Individual Parents or groups of parents of children aged 4 – 12yrs

PARENTING Fresh Little Minds is a Universal Tier 1 programme for parents/carers and their child/children.
  • With low confidence
  • Who are struggling with the impact of bullying or struggling generally
  • Who are experiencing family difficulties
  • Experiencing school difficulties
  • Impacts of Physical Illness
  • With low Mood
  • Anxiousness
  • Anger management
  • Self-esteem difficulties
  • Transition or adjustments issues
  • Bereavement & Loss
  • Adversely impacted by trauma including the COVID 19 pandemic

Duration & Venue

Multiple sessions

Downloadable online or;

Facilitated by an approved facilitator

Family Benefits

“I now understand that emotions are normal even though they may be scary”

Key Benefits & Measurable Impacts for Children

Benefits for children whose parents implement the programme at home:

  • Children understand their own personal emotions/feelings
  • Reduced stress & emotional distress
  • Fewer outbursts and quicker recovery
  • Experience and benefit carer-child co-regulation
  • Children feel more content in their own body
  • Children feel seen and safer in the carer/child relationship
  • Improved emotional health improves educational and live outcomes

Key Benefits & Measurable Impacts for Parents

Benefits for Parents:
  • Increased connection between carers and their children
  • Improved confidence of parents and carers to deal with the emotional health needs of their children
  • Improved family life dynamics
  • Additional strategies learned to help deescalate stress at home
  • Improved communication
  • Relief of parent and child anxiety
  • Parents and carers are empowered to talk about feelings and emotions with children
  • Reduced need for children’s services to meet the needs of the family
  • Parents learn to regulate their energy and emotion

“I now understand to give my child space to settle himself and because of the techniques he has been taught he is able to calm himself down quicker (most times). If I find him getting restless I encourage him to go out on his bike for a cycle.”

Parents Learn

  • Self-regulate to co-regulate
  • De-escalate angry outbursts and emotional meltdowns
  • Help children safely express themselves
  • Manage low moods
  • Reframe negative thinking
  • Set & protect boundaries
  • Be kinder to themselves
  • Boost family immune systems
  • Increase confidence
  • Create a calmer home environment
  • Improved connected relationships
  • Better communication
  • Healthy expression of feelings
  • Reduced anxiety and overwhelm
  • Families recover from overwhelm quicker
  • Increased self-esteem of child and parent

How does it work?

Step 1 Apply for the programme

Step 2 Take part on the online or facilitated programme

Step 3 Implement what you are learning at home

Step 4 Evaluate and review

Who can commission this?

  • Education Authorities, Schools, Health Trusts and Councils supporting the health and wellbeing of children and parents.
  • Government Depts and organisations with strategic objectives for meeting the needs of the children and parents.
  • We Welcome Private Sponsorship ensuring this intervention reaches those most in need

Benefits to Services & Commissioners

  • Highly evaluated and evidence-based approach and methodologies
  • Proactive intervention & service to offer families
  • Reduced waiting lists
  • Reduced pressures on services
  • Reduced costs to children’s services

Self Referral

Parents click here to book privately

Sponsorship & Funding

Support Local Families: Fresh Minds are able offer this intervention service for parents and children free and at subsidised rates with the support of sponsorship and funding.
Please contact us if you can help us support and meet the needs of those parents and children most in need.
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Aligned Strategies


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– Northern Health & Social Care Report
– The AMBER Approach Evidence Base Report