Positive Minds & Take 5

We have series of videos for you to watch by both our young leaders and a Fresh Minds Education Mental Health facilitator.   Watch these before you read your Positive Minds magazine.

We know that your mental health is serious matter and inside the magazine will  tell you what you might do if you recognise any of the feelings we explore.  #ConnectWithSupport


Catherine shares how to promote a positive mindset with her video on how to stop negative thoughts. Catherine also created the graphics below on how to be a good friend during lockdown, a wellbeing checklist and some suggestions for how to look after your mental health. You can view these graphics below.

Click here to see Catherine’s Checklists.


Mary Fitzpatrick from Derry City is married with 3 young children and a trained as a theatre practitioner  with over 20 years of experience of working with young people.  Mary is a trained in Fresh Minds Education’s; CONNECTIONS Searching For a Life Worth Living programme and FRESH LITTLE MINDS. 

Mary has undertaken Somatic Experiencing Training with Psychotherapist Brid Keenan which she uses regularly  when taking her participants through guided meditation and mindfulness practice. Mary adores facilitating and bringing energy, joy and creativity and always encourages self-belief, self-worth and promotes positive mental wellbeing within all her workshops. Mary makes everyone feel special and find their worth in this world.

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