Sinead McLaughlin

Achieved a Business & German Degree and worked in a healthcare business for a few years.  I volunteered as a mentor for a young person and decided working with young people was the correct path for me.  I trained to become a facilitator with FME as well as a kids yoga and mindfulness practitioner, facilitating well being workshops in primary schools.

I currently facilitate the GROW and SUNRISE programme for Fresh Minds Education.

Working with children is so much fun and they bring out the child in me!  I admire their honesty, creativity and their boundless energy.

Seeing how the Amber Approach has made such a positive impact on young people is enough motivation to been part of FME.

Lets do what we can to give kids the best possible start in life.

I like to keep fit and spend a lot of time playing and coaching Gaelic Football.  For absolute  “me time” I do some yoga and mindfulness and not to forget a nice cup of tea!

That we allow kids to just be kids.

Grateful for Life.  My health.  My family.