Tracy Wishart

Tracy has worked in mental health for going on 17 years with all sections of the communities within Northern Ireland. She has experience in sexual health, sexual orientation, mental health, birth rights and well being programme delivery.

Tracy trained in 2023 to become a birth and postnatal doula, an instructor in IAIM infant massage, a 3 Step Rewind for Birth Trauma Practitioner and completed training in birth biomechanics to assist women to get baby into an optimal birthing position.

Tracy is also trained in Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Prevention and NEXUS – Break the Silence on Sexual Trauma training.

Most importantly, Tracy is also a mum of two small children so understands the challenges and rewards of parenting.

I am so determined to help stop any new parent feeling the way I did after the birth of our 1st daughter. I had birth trauma, I was lonely and I felt like I wasn’t good enough at being a Mum. This led me to having Postnatal Depression. I would love for our baby massage classes to be one of many points of support for new parents in the early days. A place where they know they will be heard, mothered and encouraged. 

The 1st time I walked through the doors of Heart Space I felt at peace. Aine and the team have made such a special retreat in the heart of Antrim and I am so grateful to have been invited to be a part of that. Depression and suicide prevention have always been at the centre of the work I do throughout NI and FME’s values and my own align beautifully.  

Baby Massage creates space in the day to bond with, nurture and calm both baby and parent, it’s magic power to have in the parenting toolkit! 

I wild swim or rest with a book. Taking time to pause and recalibrate my nervous system allows me to be fully present when I’m supporting a group of parents or attending a birth. Wild swimming brings me a sense of calm like no other exercise can and reading a good book encourages me to be still when I’m so used to be in perpetual motion. 

Depression is one of the most preventable, recoverable and treatable illnesses we know of. I want a society that encourages men and women and children alike to express emotions and to feel heard and supported. I hope for my children to have peace of mind and to know that I am someone who can trusted to hold big feelings for them when they can’t do it on their own. 

So many things! That I have a safe home, my 2 daughters, my kind husband, the opportunities I have to work with parents in my Community, my health and my mental wellbeing. I am grateful that people like Aine and places like Fresh Minds Education exist as well as all of the other phenomenal women in our Community making a difference in people’s lives. I am so grateful for my life.