Little Boxes of Self Care for Anchors 🎁

Whether it’s to show your appreciation for the dedicated teachers, classroom assistants and school staff who have made a difference in your children’s lives this school year or for cherished family members or friends to show how much you care, these thoughtful Anchor Self-Care Boxes are the ideal gift to say “thank you” while also making a positive impact. 💝

Each box is a carefully curated sanctuary of self-care, filled with delightful and relaxing treats to help unwind, recharge, and feel anchored amidst life’s storms. For only £12, you’ll be treating every recipient to a tranquil moment while supporting children and young people experiencing bereavement or emotional distress. 💐

Inside each Anchor Self-Care Box:

🧼 Beautiful butterfly soap for a luxurious daily routine (Vegan)

❤️ Love Hearts to remind them how cherished they are

📝 Personalised thank you card to express your gratitude

📖 Heartfelt poem guiding them on self-care practices

🔖 Unique origami bookmarks for marking favourite pages

💋 Brighter Days lip balm to keep their smiles bright

📓 Charming mini notebook for jotting down thoughts

🛀 Soothing bath salts for relaxation after a long school year

⚓️Beautiful silver anchor key ring

🧘Wash worries away mediation mp3

📖Handmade book mark

🎉Sprinkle of Joy confetti

☀️In our signature A5 sunshine postal box

Give the gift of relaxation while extending a lifeline to those in need. With every purchase, you’re investing in the well-being of educators, friends and family, and spreading kindness to children navigating difficult times. 🌈

Surprise the cherished people in your life with a gift they’ll truly treasure. Order the Little Boxes of Self Care for Anchors today and be a part of something meaningful. 💜