Paws-4-Thought Resource for Classes & Groups

A new and creative way to engage teenagers in mindfulness, self reflection and creative resilience building.  Ideal for  teachers, youth workers and those caring for teenagers who are looking for a ready made resource to stimulate and build self esteem through discussion, reflection, mindfulness, doodling and journaling.

The Paws-4-Thought resource has been designed in collaboration with teenagers to be visually attractive.  The funky journal is 56 pages and each page features a thought provoking quote.   Teachers/leaders benefit from 30 daily creative thinking ‘challenges’ which they invite their class or group to discuss, reflect and share thoughts on.  Teens are then encouraged to spend an agreed amount of time reflecting on that discussion in their journal through writing or doodling.

The thought quotes have been purposefully written to:

  • Cultivate a growth mindset
  • Encourage self expression
  • Evoke emotional release and
  • Reframe negative thinking

The regular act of journalling through doodling or writing helps:

  • The subconscious mind release trauma or emotion held in memory
  • Achieve the benefits of mindfulness
  • Cultivates a restful mind and
  • Helps the nervous system regulate.

What the Paws 4 Thought Package includes:

  • 1 x Paws-4-Thought Journal
  • 1 x Paws-4-Thought Pen
  • Access to 30 days of Paws 4 Thought reflections
  • Written and video recorded lesson plans,  and structure for teachers/leaders

Ideal for a teacher, youth worker or parent looking for ways to engage young people, part of a wider project, this journal can be be purchased in bulk for groups.