Paws-4-Thought Programme

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“Doodling… Learning in Disguise”

Resilience & Wellbeing Programme for Classes & Groups

An Ideal, ready-to-go, off-the-shelf programme for a teachers or leaders looking for simple creative and innovated ways to engage young people in regular mindfulness, self-reflection and creative self-expression.

The physical journal for teens and pre-recorded content and instructional videos make this a perfect hands-on and interactive package for teachers looking to incorporate regular wellbeing into the classroom.

The growth mindset quotes have been purposefully written to: 

  • Cultivate curiosity
  • Encourage self-expression
  • Evoke emotional release &
  • Reframe negative thinking

The purpose of the doodle journal

This journal enables teachers to build regular mindful moments into the school day.  The activities help teachers connect with their young people, support young people to connect with one another and connect with themselves.  Regular, incremental mindful practice through paws-4-thought will help reduce the impacts of stress and increase creativity and focus.

Why journal or doodle with teens?

Journaling and Doodling is something that we can all benefit from and we all should do it regularly because it is very beneficial.  The regular act of journaling through doodling or writing;

  • Achieves the benefits of mindfulness
  • Regulates the nervous system
  • Reduces stress hormones in your body promoting calmness and relaxation which in turn can relieve pain, overwhelm, anxiousness and worry
  • Opens up the subconscious mind and aids the release of emotion held in memory
  • Loosen up hand muscles
  • Increase focus, attention span & concentration
  • Frees up short and long-term memory so memory will improve
  • Aids the retention of ideas and concepts
  • Increases creativity & self-expression

What the Paws 4 Thought Package includes:

  • 30 x Paws-4-Thought Journals for your class or group
  • 30 x Paws-4-Thought Pens for your class or group
  • Access to the Paws-4-Thought Leaders Website with Paws-4-Thought Curriculum

What’s on the Paws-4-Thought Leaders Website?

  • Instructions and guidelines for implementing a 30-day Paws-4-Thought programme in the classroom
  • Introductory videos by Fresh Minds Artists and Teachers inspiring young people to engage with the methods and the resource
  • x30 innovative Paws-4-Thought mindful doodle & journal challenges presented as audio, video, illustration or written instruction.
  • Facilitative instruction for teachers
  • A number of downloadable printable templates enabling teachers to get going quickly


The Paws-4-thought resource is a funky doodle journal created by teens for teens aged 11 – 14yrs consisting of blank 56 pages, each featuring a thought provoking quotes.


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