Suicide Prevention and Emotional Health Training For Everyone

Connections Link Life is for Helpers like YOU who want to:

Gain the confidence and skills to assist people experiencing emotional distress and or suicide.

Develop a greater understanding of emotional health, mental health and suicide prevention.

Improve the resilience of your groups, workplace and community.

Course Name: Connections Link Life

Duration: 3.5 hours with a comfort break

This programme can be expanded up to 8 hrs for those people who wish to spend more time exploring each of the parts and develop more practice skills.

Focus: Awareness / Alertness / Helping Skills

Short Description: Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Education & Skills


  • Contributing factors that lead to poor mental health, emotional distress & suicide
  • Understanding the role of mental health and emotions in relation to suicide prevention
  • Connect 4-Way Model for helping persons experiencing emotional distress or suicide
  • Tools & resources for support in your community
  • The role of self-care and wellbeing in fortifying mental health and preventing suicide.