Emma Phoenix-Kelly

I am the Head of Centre at an Alternative Education Centre within the Education Authority. As part of Post Primary Behaviour Support, my work involves supporting young people with Social Emotional and Wellbeing issues with a trauma-aware approach. My other day job is working with the amazing FME team to organise, plan and produce their social media campaigns and content. I am passionate about offering an understanding, empathetic and personal approach to children who are slipping through the system. I believe that all behaviour is communication and children who are trauma-experienced are simply trying to tell us that they need help, no matter how challenging the behaviour  seems.

Working with FME reminds me that outside the education system there are everyday heroes, who share my ethos and work with educators across the province to deliver helpful and meaningful interventions to those who need it most. I just love being part of their team – they radiate sunshine.

If you’ve ever felt alone and turned to someone you trust for help, then this training matters.

I just love taking my little dog Luna out for a big walk and listening to a podcast; learning, exercizing and getting fresh air really helps. I also love to crochet and read – a form of escape when I need it.

I am hopeful that beyond anything else, people are kind at heart and will help each other.

I am most grateful for my family, my children and words. They have the power to inspire, teach, inform and heal. They are more important than any of us realise.