Louise Ladd

My background is a long wiggly line of multimedia, web development, software engineering; all of which somehow led me to self-employment where I design branded documents and marketing assets.

I love getting to be creative but also think logically about information and the work I do with FME and others is the perfect combination of this.

Get me to design a workbook in Canva and I’m in my happy place!

I think supporting people through bereavement is such important work. Losing people is hard and we must give them all the support we can.

I am honoured to be helping Fresh Minds Education behind the scenes, getting the word out about their life-saving training and trying to make life just a little bit easier for our facilitators to go out and do what they do best!

I love a good bubble bath, especially after running with my friends in our local running club. I read (a lot!!), do crafts like crochet and cross-stitch and play video games (yes I’m a nerd) when I have time.

I am hopeful for everyone to find a place of contentment and joy in their lives. We can’t cut out all the bad stuff, but we can find beautiful things in all our lives.

I am grateful for my 2 beautiful sons who blow me away everyday with their amazing personalities and big brains. Also my husband who is so supportive of everything I do and pushes me to be the best version of me. And lastly my lovely little circle of friends in my running club who just get me.