Michelle Major

I am a Certified Somatic Experiencing Trauma and Stress Disorder Practitioner.  Having spent 3-years of in-person advanced training at Dr Peter Levine’s trauma school, I support clients to renegotiate their trauma and any unresolved stress disorders.   My somatic approach resolves symptoms of stress, shock and trauma that accumulate in the nervous system.  When we are stuck in patterns of fight, flight or freeze, a body-oriented approach helps us to safely and gently release, recover and repair. 

In addition to my trauma training, my professional background includes Counselling Skills, NLP Coaching, Bodywork, Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation. 

I am passionate about supporting others to access a fuller expression of who they really are and ultimately connect to themselves & others more authentically. I strongly believe we all have access to innate strength, agency and inner power irrespective of our blueprint, life experience, and trauma. 

I guide clients to uncover their wisdom, untangle the parts that no longer serve them, and create space in the body which ultimately leads to more a conscious, vibrant life. 

 I am motivated to reduce the stigma and misinformation that surrounds mental health and suicide. 

I love meaningful collaborations and I believe FME have created an amazing programme for suicide prevention, and I’m honoured to be part of their team. 

You will gain a new insight into mental health and emotional distress which will give you the confidence to support someone to notice they have a life worth livingThrough the training you will feel more comfortable talking about suicide and having these difficult conversations.

I love to walk in nature and I’m lucky to live so close to lots of beautiful beachesSpending time with my son and our little puppy brings me lots of joyI love reading and writing creativityMy friends and family are a great resource and support in my life tooOh, and I love to laughA lot! 

I hope we can integrate a trauma-informed compassionate approach to mental health and wellbeing throughout all the services in our society.   

I am most grateful for my body and my voice.