Nominate Fresh Minds Education

Nominate Fresh Minds Education as your Charity of the Year!

We can only provide our programmes with the commitment and support of our partners!

By choosing Fresh Minds Education to be your company’s charity of the year we will work closely with you to ensure you achieve your goals, however big or small. YOUR business can be part of a resilience and wellbeing community based solution with an excellent track record!

This opportunity is a simple way to give back to society whilst supporting a cause that matters to you and your business.

Of course you are not only supporting our work, but also raising awareness for both positive mental health and wellbeing and also your business. As an added bonus, the support you give to our work also raises your credibility as a brand and a business.

Contact Fresh Minds Education to find out how your organisation can help us to provide much needed resilience and wellbeing programmes to young people, teachers, and parents.