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It has never been a more important time to brighten up the mindset and mood of teens and no better way to help cope with the challenges of the pressures of pandemic life!  Exam pressure, home school, stress, reduced opportunities to connect with friends, sleeping in, couped up inside!  Is it any wonder our teenagers may be feeling low, less motivated and struggling.

Why not Brighten up their Day and the weeks ahead by gifting them this thoughtful Brighter Days Teen Sunshine Box which reminds them that there will be Brighter Days ahead.  The Sunshine Box consists of two luxury gift sets and a large number of bonus items all of which have been designed with uplifting moods and supporting the mental wellbeing of the teenagers in your life.

Everything will arrive in our delightful and generously sized box of sunshine!

Teens can keep their Brighter Days Sunshine Box to store items that promote feelings of sunshine, light and brighter days, it will be there when they need it most.

Gift Set 1: Light Up with Amber: The Gift of Connection includes:

  • Candle of Connection: This hand poured ‘candle of connection’ has been lovingly hand made from natural and powerful ingredients that are kind for you and the planet.  The bright and uplifting essential oils blend of Lemon, Basil and Eucalyptus has been chosen because of the benefits to focus & energise, relieve tension and encourage positive thinking, all of which are conditions for connection with self and others.
  • Little Book ‘On Light’: This little book will guide you through the story of Light.  You will learn how to use your candle to reassure and comfort yourself, quieten your mind, increase relaxation and increase personal feelings of happiness.     You will learn how the essential oils included nurture positive feelings that will supercharge your inner bright light to shine for all to see.  Perfect for studying, planning, turning around negative self-talk, relieving tension and relaxing.

Gift Set 2: The Brighter Days Luxury Collection includes:

  • Brighter Days mug
  • Brighter Days hot chocolate and marshmallows
  • Brighter Days A6 notebook
  • Brighter Days A3 vision board
  • Brighter Days socks
  • Brighter Days A5 art print

Bonus Items:

  • Peer to Peer connection – letter and video for brighter days ahead
  • ‘A Fresh Start’ daily tear pad
  • ‘Get it Out’ tear pad
  • ‘What’s behind my muddled mind’ – scratch card activity
  • ‘Hello Tiger’ Firming facemask

Click here for a full description of what’s in the box!

We have worked hard to ensure that all of our products are safe and potential hazards are minimised but please note that the contents of this box are not toys and not suitable for children under 6.   There are small parts which could cause a choking hazard & strangulation if given to children, and candles can pose fire hazards so handle with care and never give to children of unsuitable age or unsupervised.

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