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Fresh Little Minds Relax & Regulate Signature Educational Resource Sack is an  ideal accompaniment to our Relax & Regulate programme!  Full of really useful items to use with the programme, its a great way to bring your classroom and community centre to life.  

The Signature AMBER Sack   This sack with its draw strings is the perfect sack for keeping together all of the props that you will gather up and use in relation to this work in one easy to reach spot. Perfect to hang up on a hook in your classroom or community centre.  The sack contains;

Bamber  Amber is the Fresh Little Minds therapeutic puppet used in the delivery of our programmes.  During the pandemic children could no longer spend time with Amber, and so Amber had baby puppies lovingly known as bAMBER.  As Bamber is much smaller more people could have the benefits of AMBER but at an affordable price. Bamber is now being used in Fresh Little Minds Relax & Regulate Programmes in schools and community settings across the country.   Educators will bring bAMBER out into the classroom setting during the delivery of Relax & Regulate and bAMBER will often live in the Amber Sack or another special place designed by the leader or children in between sessions.  

Many schools have now provided children with their very own Bamber who provides calming, cuddles and comfort and reminds children to use theAMBER techniques if worried, sad, or scared!  Bamber comes complete with its very own label, a Bamber printed ribbon collar and a 16 page, A6 passport.  No ordinary passport, the Bamber’s passport is a complete educational resource in itself.  It contains a ‘Teddy Certificate’ and a children will enjoy working their way through the passport pages  and in doing so, embedthe Amber approach. 

A3 Golden Rules Poster  The Fresh Little Minds Golden Rules Poster has been created to cultivate trauma responsive practice. The poster consolidates key teachings of more than 14 scientific, phycological, evolutionary and neuroscience theories into a series of simple, easy to follow, pragmatic instructions for adults, written in plain English.  Put most simply the golden rules give all adults involved in the lives of children practical ways of being with children that will enhance relationships and the poster goes one step further by giving a plain English explanation as to why that rule matters in order to support the developmental, nurture and learning needs of children. The Golden Rules embody the AMBER approach.  

AMBER Intervention Cards for educators  These A5 cards are perfectly laid out for educators looking for self-lead coaching to incorporate the AMBER model into their group work.   Each card outlines a simple rationale of each of the AMBER steps, Anchor, Move, Breathe, Express and Relax.   The ‘Ask Yourself’ section then coaches the reader to self-reflect. The Action section is intentionally left blank to enable the reader to write up a practical action that they will take in relation to implementing that element of the model. 

AMBER ICON set  Five colourful cards, each card showing one of the AMBER approach icons – Anchor, Move, Breathe, Express and Relax.  The icons are all colour coded and we have found many children respond to the consistency in our use of colour in relation to specific elements of the learning. Wonderful discussion starters and reminders of the AMBER steps to wellbeing, positive mental health and resilience.  

Emoji Card Set   A box set of 56 Emoji cards containing a variety of “Tricky Feelings” and “Feel Good Feelings” these cards are visual aids for educators supporting children to recognise, name and express their emotions.  Cultivating emotional literacy and communication.  

AMBER Soul Songs Music Album  Enjoy this beautiful music full of positive messages which help children dance, have fun, and relax.  Through this music your children learn different ways to help their bodies cope and feel calm. Each song shapes children’s minds and is jammed packed with positive messages that help children thrive.  The Album contains some of the music that you will hear played within the Relax & Regulate Programme.   

Medicine Moves A5 Card Set   This card set illustrates a sequence of breath work and movement that has been created to be used alongside the Fresh Little Minds meditation song ‘Strong Like A Mountain’. Loved by children this song incorporates, belly breathing, rhythmic breathing, collective flow movements and stretches.  There are a series of affirmations built into this card set and children love to recite these as they are learning the meaning of the song.  The metaphors of nature are used to help children understand themselves more fully, their magnificence and their importance.  These exercises are perfect for groups, families, classrooms and events.  Mindfulness – Movement – Breathwork – Positive Affirmation – Boosts Self-Acceptance 

 Sphere   We use fidget toys and props during the programme to add interest, offer a sensory experience and encourage children to have a visceral rather than a cognitive experience.  The sphere is used to play group games with and can be used by that person who needs that stimulus to take part.  It is often used in breath work mimicking the belly or the lungs.  This is a great tool for educators to lead, teach and model intentional breathwork.  

Flower Windmill   We like to use visual stimulus during our programme delivery, it can help support the participation of children offering them something to interact and work with.  Flowers and windmills are recognisable by children, so they rarely are distracted by these items but due to their colourful nature they are engaging and send out a visual cue of a call to action around intentional breathwork. The educator will use the flower and windmill to demonstrate, teach and test children’s skill level during breathwork teaching sessions.  

Relax Children’s Kit (Hard Copy)  All of the Fresh Little Minds Programmes boast high quality educational and therapeutic products to support children’s engagement, encourage meaningful communication and embed learning.   The children’s participant kit for Relax & Regulate is downloadable but this is a hard copy for the educator to use.  The bright and beautiful A3 Poster can take pride of place on the learning space wall, something to refer to as the weeks pass by.  

Self-Care Essential oil and instruction notelet for teacher  Self-Care: A Balance 10ml roller ball for use on pulse points with instruction and self-care notelet presented in an organza gift bag. Balance blend supplied but any blend can be supplied upon request.

Class Essential oils aromatherapy spray and instruction notelet Essential Oil Pillow Spray in Refillable Glass Bottle, with instructions for use and presented in an organza gift bag.  The Air Blend is supplied based upon the overwhelming positive response by children over many years of research and observation of popular blends.   

 Voucher for use in the Fresh Minds shop  Enjoy using this voucher on any of the items for sale in the FME shop.  


Classroom Rewards: Colouring books, bookmarks, poster, stickers,  

 Coming Soon:  We are getting ready to publish our children’s therapeutic and educational stories.