AMBER Character Strength & Positive Affirmation Card Set

Connect – Ponder – Reflect – Take Action 

Absolutely everyone, including you and your friends, have their own set of character strengths to be discovered, valued and used. Evidence suggests that recognising your own character strengths and using them daily can help you build a happier, more meaningful life and increase a sense of self-worth.  The strengths range from bravery and forgiveness to integrity and gratitude and the Amber Approach covers Anchor Move, Breathe Express and Relax.

Fresh Minds Education have created a full set of Character Strengths and Positive Affirmation cards for you.  This card set;

1. Fortifies your inner AMBER through tools and techniques
2. Builds Character Strengths
3. Develops critical thinking through Pondering Thought Quotes
4. Creates opportunities for Self-Reflection
5. Encourages Personal Action

Your Card set includes:

36 AMBER Approach & Character Strengths Cards

Each card is beautifully illustrated with a character strength on one side and a quote with reflective questions on the other.

You can use this card set in any way you find helpful, there really are no rules.

  • Why not pull a card each day either randomly, or go through in order?
  • Connect with the card artwork, what does it say to you?
  • Ponder the Positive Thought. Reflect on what this means for you and take personal action.   After all, there is no change without personal action.
  • Explore your top five strengths and celebrate them?
  • Ask  you friends to choose their own top five?  What did they pick?
  • Have fun picking your friends or family members character strengths
  • Take action on building your strengths up through the instruction on each card.
RESOURCE For teachers, youth workers and educators:
  • This Card set can be used to help you discuss character strengths with young people and how to apply character strengths to boost resilience, support others and help us overcome life’s inevitable challenges.  They help young people understand why everyone is different and how to appreciate those differences.
  • In this card set there are a number of cards that will support you to learn how to AMBER, practicing the five steps regularly will help build your resilience and strengthen your mental health.