Did you know that 21% of people in Northern Ireland are living with mental health problems? That is almost a 5th of the population of our small province, in crisis, which can lead to thoughts of suicide.

Fresh Minds Educations offers Suicide Awareness training for groups from your local community or workplace. It is delivered by highly trained and exceptional ambassadors and is made possible through ongoing fundraising, volunteering, partnership and collaborations with charities, public bodies and committed organisations across the province.

Fresh Minds have decided to embrace the theme of 21% and ask 21 Link Life Suicide Prevention Ambassadors if they would deliver 21 Link Life Suicide Prevention workshops in 21 cities, towns and villages. They also will share their thoughts with you on ‘What Makes Life Worth Living’ with 21 local helping agencies.

Here is a selection of ‘What makes life worth living’ for our ambassadors. You can find more on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Join Link21Life training as an individual

To register to attend one of our pre-scheduled suicide prevention training courses check out this form for next dates & to register below:

Host Link21Life training in a group

Why not Host a Training with the ambassadors and Save a Life in your workplace, group or community?

Connections Link Life Training offers an understanding of the causes of poor mental health, which lead to emotional distress and suicide. Using the Connect 4-way model you will learn how to help those experiencing emotional distress and suicidal ideation. The tools and resources you will avail of during this life saving training will allow you to feel confident to support and care for those in crisis in your family, community or workplace.

Have a Link21Life conversation in your group

Do you have a coffee morning, walk and talk or other group? Why not have a Link21Life conversation the next time you meet up. Just ask the question ‘What makes life worth living for you?

Fundraise to support the Link21Life Campaign

This campaign is mainly being delivered by volunteers for free so that we can get more people skilled to save lives. We are welcoming fundraisers so that we can continue to offer our local support service for children, young people and parents who are bereaved or in emotional distress.

Recent examples of who we support include two teenagers who attempted suicide, a child who can’t sleep since her mum died and a number of parents in different circumstances ranging from thoughts of suicide through to wanting to learn how to help their children with anxiety and stress.

Everyone getting involved the campaign is much appreciated. Shining a light on this essential service we provide.