In a supercharged, superfast, digital world, children are struggling with their mental health more than ever.  Exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and its impacts we are seeing more children and young people in need of more support than ever before.
It is our vision to support parents, children and young people in our society heal, be well and have peace through the Fresh Minds Service Delivery Model for Parents.
Our mission is to support parents, carers and those working with children and young people to have the knowledge and tools that they need to support children navigate the storms of life, recover more quickly from setbacks, blossom, and begin to thrive.

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We will..

Together we can support parents & carers as they raise kind, brave, strong, emotionally resilient & loving children.   We hope that you enjoy learning about our interventions and find the right one or combination for you.

Parents Discover & Grow is a self-development resource for parents and carers who would like to experience and benefit from personal growth.  This course helps us understand our present in the context of our past and helps future family relationships flourish.  Parents who complete the course feel more able to support their own emotional health, and more prepared and available to support the emotional health of their children.

The course is based upon a structured guidebook and parents & carers can undertake it in two ways

  • Self-Led by working through a reflective journal and guide
  • Facilitated by a group leader for small groups or for individuals

Parenting Fresh Little Minds is a parenting course for parents/carers of children aged 4 – 12yrs.   This programme is a combination of theory and practice, and it aids parents to support the emotional health and resilience of their children based upon The AMBER Approach.  This programme is suitable for any parent or carer including those who may have a child experiencing emotional/ mental health difficulties.  The programme is highly structured, and parents will implement what they learn in-between sessions creating a more connected, resilient, and nurturing home environment.

Parents & carers can undertake the course in two ways

  • Self-Led by working through the online course (currently under construction)
  • Facilitated by a group leader for small groups (online or face to face)

The ‘Lets GROW Together’ emotional health and resilience programme is for carers/parents and their child/ren to undertake together.  It supports children in a wide range of circumstances and this intervention has been successful in deescalating the stresses experienced by many families. Results from trials have included a reduction in overwhelm, more empowered parents, and a clinical prediction for reduced risk for mental disorders including depression, anxiety, concentration disorder and improved emotional health and life outcomes for children and happier homes.

The course is delivered by a trained therapeutic facilitator over 8 weeks and there is a 6-week check in and a booster session 6months later.  It is successful online and can also be delivered face to face or a blended approach.

In this fun, interactive and sensory Fresh Little Minds programme parents/carers and children take part in a small group and are taken through the much-acclaimed GROW programme based upon the AMBER Approach for resilience and emotional health.  This programme is suitable for all children and can be very helpful for children impacted by difficult emotions, low confidence, or difficult life experiences such as exam pressures, bullying, separation, bereavement or adjusting through the COVID19 pandemic.

The course is based upon several structured sessions and the parent and child/ren must attend every session.  Children and parents learn to connect to regulate and through spending this time together build a positive lasting memory.  Together they learn strategies and helps recover quickly from overwhelm and benefit from sharing in the restorative relaxations.  Those who benefit the most practice what they learn in between sessions.

This course is facilitated in two ways:

  • For small parent-child groups by an approved facilitator online or face to face.
  • For classes in schools with teacher & child
Delivered by an approved facilitator in your school